EZ 5

High Precision Drilling Machine With Faster Acceleration

3 Axes CNC machine for the machining of small size components with high speed

Salient features

  • Fem optimized structure for maximum rigidity.
  • Rigid main spindle supported on high precision bearings.
  • Direct drive spindle
  • Laser calibrated axes for precise positioning
  • Full guarding
  • Centralized automatic lubrication
  • High speed spindle,high low end torque with minimal vibration.
  • Atc and magazine.

Description (Units)

Model - EZ 5
Job Accomodation
Table Working Surface mm 600x400
Maximum Loading Capacity Kg 250
T-Slots-Size/No. mm/No. 18/3
Height of Table from Floor Level mm 880
Distance from Top Surface of Table to Bottom Surface of Spindle Nose mm 200-500
Longitudinal Movement of Table (X-Axis) mm 510
Transverse Movement of Table (Y-Axis) mm 400
Vertical Movement of Head (Z-Axis) mm 300
Maximum Spindle Speed Rpm 12000 (20000)
Spindle Taper Type BT 30
Spindle Motor Power Kw 3.7/5.5
Feed Rates
Feed Rate mm/min 1-20000
Rapid Transverse Rate X/Y/Z Axes M/Min 60/60/60
Auto Tool Changer
No. of Tools (Storage Capacity) No. 16 (21)
Max. Tool Diameter with Adjacent Tool mm 80
Max. Tool Length mm 200
Max. Tool Weight Kg 3
Tool Change Time Tool to Tool Sec 0.9
Tool Change Time Chip to Chip Sec 1.2
Accuracies (As perVDI-DGQ-3441) (With Rotary Encoder)
Positional Accuracies mm 0.01
CNC System Make Mitsubishi/ Fanuc
M/c Physical Parameters
Overall Size (LXBXH) Mtrs 1.7x2.6x2.7
Overall Weight (Approx.) Kgs 2850

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