VML 45

High Precision Vertical Drilling And Tapping Machining Center

3 Axes CNC machine for the machining of small size components with high speed

  • Fem optimized structure for maximum rigidity.
  • Rigid main spindle supported on high precision bearings.
  • Direct drive spindle
  • Laser calibrated axes for precise positioning
  • Full guarding
  • Centralized automatic lubrication
  • High speed spindle,high low end torque with minimal vibration.
  • Atc and magazine.

Description (Units)

Model - VML 45
Job Accomodation
Table Working Surface mm 600x400
Maximum Loading Capacity Kg 300
T-Slots-Size/No. mm/No. 14/3
Height of Table from Floor Level mm 960
Distance from Top Surface of Table to Bottom Surface of Spindle Nose mm 350-825
Longitudinal Movement of Table (X-Axis) mm 500
Transverse Movement of Table (Y-Axis) mm 400
Vertical Movement of Head (Z-Axis) mm 475
Maximum Spindle Speed Rpm 10000 (12000)
Spindle Taper Type BT 30
Spindle Motor Power Kw 3.7/5.5
Feed Rates
Feed Rate mm/min 1-10000
Rapid Transverse Rate X/Y/Z Axes M/Min 48/48/48
Auto Tool Changer
No. of Tools (Storage Capacity) No. 20
Max. Tool Diameter with Adjacent Tool mm 63
Max. Tool Diameter without Adjacent Tool mm 80
Max. Tool Length mm 200
Max. Tool Weight Kg 3
Tool Change Time Tool to Tool Sec 2
Tool Change Time Chip to Chip Sec 3.5
Accuracies (As perVDI-DGQ-3441) (With Rotary Encoder)
Positional Accuracies mm 0.01
Repeatability mm ±0.005
CNC System Make Fanuc/ Siemens/ Mitsubishi
Power Sources
Electrical Supply Kva 15
Compressed Air Pressure Mpa 0.5
CompressedAir Quantity L/Min 200
M/c Physical Parameters
Overall Size (LXBXH) Mtrs 1.9x2.25x2.65
Overall Weight (Approx.) Kg 3050

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